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Oswald Sobrino

Oswald Sobrino is a writer and teacher of Latin and biblical studies. He also writes on the philosophy of Jose Ortega y Gasset.

Oswald Sobrino writes the Logos blog at He is an adjunct instructor at a Catholic seminary in biblical studies. He also teaches Latin and writes on the philosophy of Ortega y Gasset.

Oswald Sobrino's Background

Oswald Sobrino's Experience

Adjunct Instructor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary

January 2011 - Present | Detroit

Oswald Sobrino teaches biblical studies.

Oswald Sobrino's Education

University of Florida

2012 – 2014

M.L. (Master of Latin)

Concentration: Latin

Loyola Law School, New Orleans


Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit

M.A., Theology (biblical studies)

Cleveland State University

M.A., Economics

Oswald Sobrino's Interests & Activities

Oswald Sobrino likes to teach, read, and write.

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