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Oswald Sobrino

Oswald Sobrino is a writer and teacher of Latin and biblical studies. He also writes on the philosophy of Jose Ortega y Gasset.

Oswald Sobrino writes the Logos blog at He is an adjunct instructor at a Catholic seminary in biblical studies. He also teaches Latin and writes on the philosophy of Ortega y Gasset.

Oswald Sobrino's Background

Oswald Sobrino's Experience

Adjunct Instructor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary

January 2011 - Present | Detroit

Oswald Sobrino teaches biblical studies.

Oswald Sobrino's Education

Loyola Law School, New Orleans


Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit

M.A., Theology (biblical studies)

Cleveland State University

M.A., Economics

University of Florida

2012 – 2014

M.L. (Master of Latin)

Concentration: Latin

Oswald Sobrino's Interests & Activities

Oswald Sobrino likes to teach, read, and write.

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